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Company profile  

TUBAU, joint stock company is a modern construction company which started to operate on construction market under this business name on 1.2.2006 by repurchasing part of the company Váhostav – Tunely a špeciálne zakladania a.s. (Tunnels and special foundations):

Underground constructions division,
Special foundations division,
Administration and Services division in Slovak Republic.

From November 2009, company TUBAU is daughter of a DANICON HOLDING, a.s.

Besides underground structures like tunnels, underground structures of hydroelectric powerstations, water conduits, large-capacity underground works the company activity concentrates also on special foundations structures made by bored large-diameter piles, micropiles, construction of diaphragm cut-off walls, excavation of construction pits and fastening of slo...
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Sewage collector reconstruction A VIII., 2nd stage
Investor: BVS, a.s., Bratislava

Site description:
New sewage collector consists of couple of sewage tubes DN 2000 and DN 2800 performed by open excavation pit.

Realised works:
The route of collector begins at chamber VŠ4 situated in green belt in front of LIDL, then in a curve behind SHELL gas station. Behind chamber VŠ5 the route is led in a curve and then continues alongside with Karloveská street through chamber VŠ6. Ca 55 m after chamber VŠ6 leads into another curve and ends in chamber VŠ7 in the paved area in front of the insurance company. In chambers VŠ6 and VŠ7 there are installed screw gate valves.
The tube material is centrifugally cast fiberglass of toughness 10 000 N.m2.

Realised objects:

  • SO 01 Sewage collector A VIII
  • SO 02 Access sewage chambers
  • SO 04.2 STL pipeline relocation DN 150
  • SO 05.1.2 Outdoor lighting relocation
  • SO 05.1.4 Temporary connection for building site
  • SO 05.1.6 Crossing of low voltage cable lines
  • SO 05.2 Relocation of telecommunication lines – Building part
  • SO 05.2 Relocation of telecommunication lines – Technological part
  • SO 10 Landscaping

Period of realisation:
March 2015 – February 2016...
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Current projects  
Residential complex Malé Krasňany (BA)
Tunnel Diel west portal Nimnica
Service activities  
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